Every part we sell is inspectedtested, and warrantied with our money-back 30-day guarantee.

All recycled automotive and truck parts purchased from BRC are covered by a standard 30-day parts replacement warranty against material defects at no extra charge. Extended parts replacement warranties are available at an additional cost. The warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions must be complied with before a warranty claim will be honored:

  1. Customer must provide the original invoice slip.
  2. The invoice slip must have the name of the person who is making the claim under the warranty. Warranties are not transferable.
  3. The defective part must be returned to BRC in its complete and original condition. We will not pay for shipping back to BRC or refund any shipping that the customer paid at the time of purchase.
  4. The claim must be presented within the warranty period specified on the invoice.
  5. The part (if mechanical) cannot be taken apart by the customer.
  6. If the customer presents a mechanical part claim for a motor or transmission, the customer must provide proof that the customer purchased OEM oil filters and OEM oil for the parts specified on the invoice.
  7. The center of the heat tabs must be intact (not melted) and on the part.
  8. In the case of mechanical parts such as, motors, transmissions, transfer cases, axle assemblies and carriers, the customer cannot remove the part without first notifying BRC of the problem. BRC reserves the right to examine the part and the quality of the installation.
  9. The installer of the part must be an ASE certified mechanic working for a licensed repair facility.
  10. Engine warranties are limited to mechanical defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers and oil pump. No warranty is provided for accessories such as pumps, sensors, switches, cables, belts, hoses, and manifolds. Customer must provide proof that engine oil and filter were replaced upon installation. Customer must provide documented proof to BRC upon presentation of a claim under this warranty. Claims related to improper lubrication and/ or overheating of the engine or its components are not covered by this warranty.
  11. Transmission warranties are guaranteed against mechanical failure due to defects, such as, slipping and failing to engage into forward and/ or reverse. Transmissions are not warrantied if the oil filter, transmission oil and seals have not been installed per OEM specifications. Customer must provide documented proof to BRC upon presentation of a warranty claim that transmission oil and filter were replaced upon installation. For any transmissions that require electronic programming by the dealer upon installation; the customer must provide documented proof that a dealer did program the part. A report of any trouble codes must be provided to BRC at the time the claim is made.
  12. All warranties are void if the part is installed in an application for which the vehicle manufacturer did not intend it to be utilized, or if the vehicle in which the part is installed is a race car, limousine, taxi, bus, rental vehicle, taxi, or other commercial application.
  13. The failure of the part cannot be caused by the customer modifying it, abusing or misusing the part.
  14. The parts replacement warranty period begins on the date indicated on your original invoice and end at the last day of the warranty period stated on the invoice.
  15. This warranty coverage ends after one replacement of the part described on the original invoice.
  16. This warranty is non-transferable. Once the part is installed, any cost of the warranty is nonrefundable after the part has been installed.


“BRC” and “Our” means Belltown Recycling Center 24 Old Coach Rd, East Hampton, CT, 06424.
“You” and “Your” means the customer named on the original invoice.
“OEM” means Original Equipment Manufacturer. 
“Engine” means the assembly of cylinder block, cylinder heads and all internal lubricated parts. 
“Transmission” means the assembly including the case, torque converter and all internal lubricated parts. 
“Axle assembly” means the front or rear axle housing, knuckles, axles, internal gears, electronic control unit and bearings. 
“Transfer case” means the housing, internal components and internal electronics (if any). 
“Carrier assembly” means the housing case, gear set with non-removable stub axles and flanges. 
“Installer/Repairer” means an independently owned and operated Licensed Repair Facility located in the United States or its territories. 
“Mileage” At our discretion, BRC may utilize replacement recycled parts that meet our quality standards. The mileage for the replacement part or assembly may be equal to or greater than that of the original part or assembly stated on the original invoice.

EXCLUSIONS: Glass is not warrantied. All glass is sold as is. Electronic components, such as, engine brain boxes, solenoids, etc. are sold as is and without a warranty. Any other item that the invoice states specifically is not warrantied shall be excluded from warranty protection. Parts that fail due to having been in a collision are not covered. Breakdowns of mechanical parts caused by non-covered components, defective workmanship, improper maintenance, improper installation, failure to clear or reprogram codes, use of incorrect fluids and lubricants as required by the OEM are not covered. Mechanical parts breakdown caused by customer’s failure to service vehicle at proper intervals are excluded from warranty.

DISCLAIMER: Payment will not be made for any unauthorized repairs and/or replacements. BRC reserves the right to inspect any product prior to replacement. The year, make and model of the vehicle or part printed on this invoice is within the industry’s range of interchangeability and may not necessarily be the exact year, make and model of the customer’s vehicle. Mechanical assemblies may have accessory parts that are attached, and must be switched or removed to accommodate proper installation. It is the responsibility of the customer, or the installer, to switch or remove the accessory parts to assure proper installation. This warranty does not cover accessory parts that may be on a mechanical assembly as described above. All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this warranty and do not cover incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. The customer acknowledges, understands and agrees that due to the nature of used auto parts, the liability of BRC from all causes shall be limited to the price paid for the goods sold or provided. BRC is not responsible for any towing or storage charges that the customer may incur as a result of a defective part covered under this warranty. In the event that a part sold by BRC is defective, liability shall be limited to the replacement of the part or a remedy not to exceed the price paid for the part, at BRC’s option.

CLAIM PROCEDURE: If customer has any reason to believe that a part covered by this warranty is defective, the customer must:

  1. Contact BRC prior to removing part or attempting to repair.
  2. At the request of BRC, the customer must bring the vehicle to the repair facility recommended by BRC agents; and/ or allow inspection of the vehicle by a BRC employee or agent.
  3. The customer must comply with any requests for information and documentation by BRC agents.

NON-WARRANTY PART RETURNS: If a part is returned not under warranty, the following applies: A 20% restocking fee will be charged. If the part is delivered and needs to be picked up by BRC, a $100 delivery/ return fee with be charged for services rendered. There will be no returns on special order parts.